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Handyman service in Prague

Hodinový manžel v Praze a okolí

I’m Roman – Handyman in Prague. I work with my father, Vladimir, and perform everyday and professional repairs and installations in your house, apartment, office, and garden.

We offer hourly handyman services in Prague and the immediate vicinity.

Our everyday services include:

  • assembly/disassembly/repair of furniture as IKEA, XXXLutz, Sconto, Obi, Siko etc,
  • painting of rooms/walls, wallpapering,
  • replacing bathroom silicone,
  • installation of faucets and home appliances,
  • installation/replacing lock cylinder,
  • replacement of switches and sockets,
  • installation of lighting, shelves, pictures, mirrors, blinds, curtains, TV wall mount etc; drilling walls,
  • painting the windows, floors and doors,
  • installation and connection washers, dishwashers, drying machines and other electrical appliances in the house.

We also like non-standard tasks, so if you have a problem not listed above – feel free to contact us anyway.

My verified google reviews

    Stars 5 Yellow  Perfectly done! thanks a lot

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    Stars 5 Yellow  Fantastic experience, quick helpful and accurate.

    Photo Marco Pascucci

    Stars 5 Yellow  Couldn’t have imagined better service as the one from Roman, friendly and to the point. Cannot recommend enough for any expats in Prague seeking an English friendly handyman service. Roman... read more

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Work: 400 CZK / hour
Every next 15min: 100 CZK

Used materials: only if I use my materials

Transportation in Prague: 400 CZK

To pick up and deliver materials, furniture, other stuff for customer – 400 CZK
Parking fee: if there is no way to park for free

Garbage removal to the household waste recycling sites – 500 czk

Drilling holes in tiles – 10-50czk/ hole (depends on material)

Transportation Praha-východ, Praha-západ:
20 CZK / km

*all prices are without VAT

I speak Czech, English, Russian. So we can start conversation right away.

Or just use the contact form bellow